Custom Metalworking

Processing (machining) of metal sheets and other materials on CNC machines

CNC machines enable cutting, punching, splitting and bending (charring) of mainly following materials:

  • Steel metal sheet (black steel sheet)
  • Zinc-coated metal sheet
  • Stainless steel sheet
  • Copper
  • Makrolon
  • Aluminium

Processing on CNC machines:

  • Safan E Brake
  • Trupunch 3000

Custom Metalworking

Metalworking is concerned not only with electrical enclosure production but also with the other custom-made production, namely in most cases:

  • Production of metal constructions and frames
  • Metal cover production
  • Production of welded components
  • Production of racks

Actually, custom metalworking enables the company to produce any custom-made locksmith products that can be made within the scope of activities:

  • Processing (machining) of metal sheet and other material on CNC machines
  • Cutting (charring) and drilling of metal sheets and metal profiles
  • Electrical welding of bolts and nuts
  • Welding CO2 of metal sheet parts and metal profiles
  • Grinding of welded parts
  • Sand blasting of metals (arranged in cooperation)
  • Surface treatment of metals by powder coating
  • Foamed-in PU-Sealing

Welding CO2 of metal sheet parts and metal profiles

Methods MIG-MAG and TIG are being used by welding. Welding was certified in accordance with EN 15085-2 CL2, EN ISO 3834-2:2006 and ČD V95/5:2009.

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