Control Desks OPL


Control desks OPL are steel sheet desks with IP55. Ergonomic design of the desks can be fitted to sitting or standing operator. The desks are intended for controlling and monitoring technological lines or other industrial applications.

Technical design

Control desks OPL are produced and designed custom-made according to the customer's requirements. Following statement describes the most frequently produced designs.

Body of the desk is done by welding a steel sheet of thickness 1.5mm and can be reinforced with an inside steel frame. The door is made from steel sheet 1,5mm and the mounting plate from zinc-coated steel sheet 2mm. The door is equipped with a single-point or multipoint locks with a lock insert double-bit 3mm inclusive a key, or with a cylinder lock. The door can be placed on both front or back parts and sides of the desk. Moreover, desks could be equipped with other custom-made mechanical parts made from zinc-coated steel sheet. The door and the body could be glassed or custom punched. The surface treatment of the body and the door is done by powder coating technology in any shade RAL with preliminary surface treatment by ferrous phosphate. Used technologies allow desks to be used in both outdoor and indoor environment in the normal service condition according to IEC 60439-1 ed.2 with lifetime guarantee of 30 years.

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