KAPPA-type enclosures are freestanding compact enclosures with a removable back cover. Enclosure meets IP65 degree of protection according to DIN EN 60529. The switchgear cabinet consists of a steel sheet construction, mounting lugs, removable from the outside back cover, door rails for mounting components on the door. You may order a base, mounting plate and other mechanical parts. Enclosures can be made completely from stainless steel. Maximum load of the enclosure is 300kg. The cabinets are suitable for technology and distribution switchboards. Product photos are available in photo gallery Series Electrical Enclosures.

Technical design

It is a compact sheet steel cabinet with removable back cover. Standard cabinets are equipped with a door with a four-point espagnolette tipping handle and lock insert DOPPELBART 3 or with the FAB. Doors can be glazed the entire height of the switchgear or according to the customer requirements. The enclosure can be constructed as a double door in the middle of the tightly welded rail. Optionally you there can be used next door instead of the removable back cover. Seal on the doors and the back cover is cast polyurethane seal as a guarantee of a high degree of protection.

It is also possible to provide openings for various devices according to supplied drawings. Cabinet installation can be assembled by the mounting plate or assortment of mechanical parts for assembling of various types of domestic or foreign devices. Installed components (switches, control panels, air conditioning, etc.) that disturb the surface of the body (holes for installation) must be declared by the manufacturer to IP65. If these components have a lower degree of protection (IP), a case takes the value from the lowest level of installed components. Cabinets can be made of stainless steel sheet (1.4301) or powder coated in RAL colors.

Used technologies allow enclosures to be used in both outdoor and indoor environment in the normal service condition according to IEC 61439-1 ed.2 with lifetime guarantee of 30 years.

Standard surface treatment:

  1. RAL 7032 (complete cabinet)
  2. Stainless steel; outside the cabinet grinding finish P240

Surface protection of inner mechanics:

  1. Mounting plate - galvanized
  2. Mechanical parts - galvanized

Fine customization of the enclosure design can be done as indicated under section Series Electrical Enclosures. Advanced modifications can be accomplished within the scope Custom Electrical Enclosures.

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