Electrical Enclosures RIO-N are self-supporting steel sheet enclosures with IP55 or IP65 intended to be wall mounted. Maximum load of the enclosure is 20 or 30kg in dependence on the size of the enclosure. The enclosures are suitable for control, terminal as well as measurement and regulation electrical cabinets. Product photos are available in photo gallery Series Electrical Enclosures.

Technical DesignRozváděčová skříň typu RIO-N

The body of enclosures is done by welding a steel sheet of thickness 1,5mm. The door is made from steel sheet 1,5mm and the mounting plate from zinc-coated steel sheet 2mm. The door is equipped with a lock with a lock insert double-bit 3mm inclusive a key, or with a cylinder lock. The door is realized as thick. The wall mounting is done either direct by inlets on the rear side of enclosures or by wall brackets. Moreover, enclosures could be equipped with other mechanical parts made from zinc-coated steel sheet by default. The surface treatment of the body and the door is done by powder coating technology in the shade RAL 7032 with preliminary surface treatment by ferrous phosphate.

Used technologies allow enclosures to be used in both outdoor and indoor environment in the normal service condition according to IEC 61439-1 ed.2 with lifetime guarantee of 30 years. Fine customization of the enclosure design can be done as indicated under section Series Electrical Enclosures. Advanced modifications can be accomplished within the scope Custom Electrical Enclosures.

Construction Drawings and Ordering Data

Construction Drawings, including enclosures and mechanical parts and Ordering Data, and Enclosure Certificate are available under the section Downloads.

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